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For the love of nature

The story of Charlotte Nicolin begins with a fascination and love for animals and nature that started in early childhood. She chose to pursue her interests by becoming an illustrator and painter to show her unique perspective. Throughout the years her style may have varied but her vision and purpose has only grown stronger. With her platform, she aims to raise awareness towards animal protection and push for conservation of our natural ecosystems.

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Bringing animals to your home

Since 1999 Charlotte has been involved in various collaborations offering her artwork on interior decoration and gift items. These products have gained great popularity and we now sell our products in over 400 retailer shops, museum shops and department stores, mostly in Europe. Shop our full product line here on our website,, or visit our boutique in the Old Town of Stockholm.

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Art for a reason

Can you use art as a tool to bring out empathy in people, for them to better understand and respect animals and nature? We believe so. By giving the animals in her drawings human attributes, Charlotte wants to enable a deeper connection with them. “Often people stop in their tracks when they walk by my shop and just smile, they say my animals have human-like expressions. All this encouragement is reassuring, it makes me feel that my work has an impact, that I'm making 'art for a reason'.”

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The stories behind the art

Read the stories behind Charlotte's artwork. Find out how the ideas behind the pieces were shaped and learn about the small details in the motifs that you might not have noticed before. We have divided the stories into four categories inspired by the four elements; water, earth, air and fire. Each category representing the natural habitat the animals are living in. And fire, which represents Charlotte's creativity and passion.

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