Get to know Charlotte

Early interest in nature

Ever since she can remember Charlotte has been fascinated by nature. And partially growing up in the Swedish countryside and archipelago, nature has always been around the corner. "As a child I spent a lot of time out in nature. I could walk around in the forest or along the beach for hours with my sketchbook, taking notes and observing everything from plants to animals to small bugs. I collected dead insects and pressed flowers and leaves.” This admiration and love for animals and nature has always stayed with her and today she combines that love with her passion for art and strong desire to make a difference.

“I want to do what I can to help save endangered species and improve the increasingly fragile ecosystems in which they live.”


Charlotte has 8 years of post high school education. She received a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from Berghs Reklamskola in Stockholm. She also studied Art, Art history, Painting, Printing, Interior decoration, Psychology, Stone sculpture, and the English and French languages. All of this at Universities in Sweden, Denmark, USA and France. She has had great use from all of her studies, creating her own personalized degree.

The creative process

Charlotte has developed her technique of using graphite pencils combined with partial coloring with either pastel, watercolor or airbrush. Each part of the process is extremely time consuming and most pieces take several months to go from an idea to a finished work of art. She spends a lot of time exploring the animal she will portray. To create a genuine expression and to find her own twist, she studies their way of life and survival. She also does thorough research into every detail about each animal. She needs to find out about their fur, their eyes, or even their bone structure to accurately depict the unique features of every animal. She observes and learns about animals in real life, in movies, in books or online and takes pictures herself. The sources are endless, so her work is categorizing the ideas and information she gathers. In her studio she keeps many sketchbooks with mini sketches of different ideas. As soon as she has the opportunity, she will look through her library of sketches and start working on a large detailed piece.

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