There are so many animals living in the wild and Charlotte is fascinated by all of them. Depending on what animals she meets in the forest on her excursions or learns about elsewhere, she will decide to interpret them in her way.

Forest Prince

The moose is known as the king of the forest in Sweden. But I don’t always like to go for the obvious, so I wanted to depict the young prince instead. A majestic, elegant and mysterious animal combined with his youthful playfulness has resulted in this beautiful portrait with a little something stuck in his antlers!


The fox is known for being a clever and even sly animal. He can have so many expressions and is a playful hunter. I wanted to show a different side so here is Felix dreaming of his next escapade!

Gustav & Veronica

I am a little fascinated by the theme of love and interaction between animals. We often see deer being nervous and running away but between themselves they do have a rich social life. They can have arguments, enemies and loved ones, just like we do. This couple visited my yard several times one year, I started sketching them and as a result I made this detailed drawing.


Henry the hedgehog is a commemoration of the hedgehogs of my childhood. Back then they were far more common than now. As a child I had a sensation of being lucky and chosen somehow every time I would see one. It still feels like seeing a hedgehog brings luck, I chose to think of them this way.


For a long time, the wolf has been considered a danger in Europe. The object of fierce hunting for centuries, the wolf remains feared while it has practically disappeared from our regions. His future to date rests in the hands of man. Venerated as a god in ancient Egypt, a sacred animal in India, a hunting ally for the Inuit, I wanted by this posed portrait to enhance his intelligence, his loyalty and his social spirit.

Bruno & Andy

In nature there are so many interactions between different species. Some large animals eat small ones but sometimes they are just curious of each other. In this drawing I wanted to show a kind of mutual respect and it is actually the ant displaying a position of power.


This is Henrietta, half rabbit, half hare, she appeared out of nowhere, one night, while I was walking in my lush and green neighborhood of Stockholm. This is a freeze frame from our furtive look, eye to eye…

Henry's Family

First I made a portrait of Henry and as I like hedgehogs so much I decided he needed a family. I rather liked lining them up so you can see everyone's different characters. My work isn’t always a technically accurate representation of the animals so for Henry’s youngest I decided to make my own interpretation to really get a cute and cuddly look.


Introducing Oscar, the star of the new generation of farm pigs that I’m representing for future generations. He lives free, in nature, almost like a wild boar.. We must denounce the living conditions of pigs in certain farms that are suffering needlessly.


A few years ago when I was living close to the countryside I would go running every morning. As I came by a field with cows I stopped to observe them, they would always come and greet me. Eventually I also brought my sketching pad as I was really charmed by the cows and their interaction with me and in-between each other. I really got to know them and Rosa is like a compilation of all of them.


Ralph, the proud rooster in all its splendor! A symbol for early morning wake up calls, the protective father sings to gather his chicks and chickens.

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