Charlotte is an avid diver and she has spent a lot of time studying life in the water and by the coastline. Many summers in her childhood were spent in the Swedish archipelago.


In Finland, several years ago, a hungry otter struggled to find food and tried to approach a village. Seppo, one of the villagers, surprised to see a hungry otter in bad shape in front of his door, decided to feed the animal for several days. Once recovered, the otter returned to see him regularly. This portrait is a tribute to this amazing friendship which shows that humanity and wildlife are intimately linked.


The Seal has long been a threatened species in the Baltic Sea. But Grey Seals are protected by the Conservation of Seals Act and are now thriving once again! I therefore chose to give this Seal a melancholic expression to remind us of our fragile relationship with nature.


Sometimes I get to know my animals as I create them. This was definitely the case with James. I felt such a warmth from him that I ended up giving this friendly and curious expression. It’s all in the eyes!

The Scout

I call this drawing The scout because this Perch is on a mission - looking for food. I have seen many more Perch in my life than I can remember. It is my favorite fish in the Baltic Sin. I spent my summers as a child by the Swedish archipelago and I grew very familiar with the Perch.

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