Studying birds is something that Charlotte has done for a long time. She sees them in nature, in nature films and she reads a lot about birds. "If only I could have more hours in the day I would create more artworks with birds", she says.


This is one of my interpretations of opposites attracting. These two would probably never meet as the Eurasian Eagle Owl lives in the forest and the Snowy Owl lives in snowy areas. But I like to think of this as the impossible made possible.

Meeting of the minds

I came across these two love birds one morning as I was walking along the shore. They really looked as if they were talking and this drawing is a narration of the scene. I find every detail of this bird so beautiful that I wanted to show that even just their faces show how majestic they can be. Known for being a symbol of love it naturally influenced this piece.

Morning Conversation

Many of us have been here before, we even have a saying in Swedish that people are talking over your head. This ignored little fellow is even being squeezed between the talkers. I like to put my animals in humanlike situations, it’s a lot easier to see the funny side of things that way!


Tom the Finch must watch every minute for feared predators like squirrels, cats, crows and even weasels. I wanted to represent him in a moment of rare relaxation where he takes the time to look you in the eyes before starting his melodious song.


The Kingfisher, a talented fisherman, is dressed in a sparkling blue coat that comes from the prismatic reflections of light. Its liveliness fascinates me when it dives, its prey spotted, by violently striking the surface of the water, catches it, then swallows it head first. Here, these two fishermen have chosen the same prey and learn the power of sharing.

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