A growing interest in the safe keeping of animals and nature

Charlotte has worked with veterinary clinics and international environmental organizations alike to communicate her love of animals and spread the word about ways to better take care of animals; wild or domestic. “Just as it is important to take care of our own health, we need to make sure that animals and their natural eco systems are preserved and thriving for theirs and our own sake”.

In 1997, she accepted an offer for a joint venture and moved to Canada to set up a new gallery boutique in Montreal. At the time, her main technique was oil paintings. For which she created a series of interior decoration items sold directly through her art gallery in the Old town as well as 200 other retailers and businesses across North America. This was also when she started her first collaborations with environmental organizations.

After a decade in Canada she was yet again drawn to Paris where she was a natural part of the art community. Simultaneously, she went on frequent journeys of exploration, learning more about the flora and fauna of the Baltic Sea. Under the name Living in the Baltic Sea, Charlotte put together an extraordinary library of information about the life and nature of the Baltic Sea region, including details about current threats and what people can do to help turn negative trends around. Wanting to attract attention where it was dearly needed, she created her Baltic Sea collection and website livinginthebalticsea.com.

After 34 years abroad Charlotte moved to Sweden where she opened her own shop in Old town in Stockholm. It was also around this time that her focus shifted towards her graphite pencil drawings. The ones already created through the years were becoming increasingly popular, and each new piece garnered more interest. Charlotte has now made this line of artwork available on a series of interior decoration items. Her Stockholm boutique exudes so much passion and creativity and allows customers to take a piece of Charlotte’s unique perspective home with them. Her artwork can be found on trays, cushion covers, mugs and more. All of her work boasts visual evidence of a love for nature. With the proceeds from her business she donates contributions to nature organizations.