From artist, to an artist running a business

After having worked as a fine artist for several years Charlotte started doing postcards and lithographies during her years in Paris. She got more and more requests from clients and fans to expand this to producing interior decoration and gift items with her art. As she quite enjoyed working with suppliers and producing her motifs on different materials it became a natural extension of her art and expression. “It’s been quite a journey from being an artist to be an artist running a business,” she says, “to learn not to criticise your own work but to actually help customers find what will work for them. It is like two different personalities coming together: the sensitive artist and the confident salesperson. It was out of necessity, really, but it’s been great."

With a combination of artistic talent, passion for the environment and entrepreneurial drive, Charlotte sparked the beginnings of what was to become her dream job. Charlotte has encompassed her business mainly around her graphite drawings, that are available in an array of different interior decoration items. Thus creating her very own platform, from where she would sell her art, both through wholesale and direct sales. It soon became clear that she had found a winning concept. “It is important to keep a consistent approach. The art has to mean something to me and to the spectator, the materials of the products have to be of great quality and good value, and the presentation of it all has to be attractive,” Charlotte explains, “I want my pieces to bring positivity and life to any setting.”

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