Visiting our retailer Marie-Lovise at Rotnäs Gårdsbutik, a large farm shop in Sweden

Tell us briefly about your business. How long have you been around? Where is it located and how many people work for you?

I work as an interior designer and have done so for many years in Stockholm and the last 20 years in Karlstad. I decorate offices, restaurants and many private homes.

3 years ago I renovated a large old barn house from the 19th century. In this barn I have fulfilled my childhood dream of running a café and interior design store. Together with my mother and her 3 sisters, all over 70 !!, we have created an oasis 20 km north of Karlstad, more and more people come here to eat, enjoy and shop. Our visitors can enjoy a cat on their lap, the horses in the paddock and the rooster crowing just around the corner!Charlottes tote bags are among our bestsellers!

From a small childhood dream to having in a short time created a well-attended excursion destination in the Karlstad municipality, we enjoy the success and we are able to spend time with the family, bake, laugh and serve people.

How do you choose your goods, do you have a special focus?

With many years of experience of different suppliers, I try to adapt the range in the store to the target group that visits us, we carry items from simple cheap things to expensive design gadgets.

When did you get in touch with Charlotte Nicolin and her products?

Through a visit to Formex the Stockholm trade fair in 2019, we made our first order with Charlotte Nicolin and this was a stroke of luck for us, the Charlotte's range suits us perfectly!
Animal trays, cushion covers and napkins it all fits great in our shop ❤️
What do you think about the near future and summer, considering Covid-19?

The pandemic has not affected us significantly. We have many seats outdoors during the summer and have adapted our business in line with restrictions that come.

June 1st, 2021 we expand our coffee shop with a pizzeria and several seats both outside and inside our cozy barn! Our business is growing every summer and are convinced that the summer of 2021 will be fantastic!

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En fantastisk butik och café, jag har varit där flera gånger och köpt Charlotte Nicolins muggar och väskor – wow så härligt!
Eva-Lena May 10, 2021

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