Interview with our retailer Hantverket in Borgholm - Sweden

Tell us briefly about your business. How long have you been around and where is it located?

The “Hantverket” has been around since the sixties and from the beginning there were two stores. The current owner has had the store for five years and it is located in the center of Borgholm, on the island of Öland, Sweden.

Hantverket shop in Borgholm selling Charlotte Nicolin's products

The focus of the store is interior design, kitchen, stationary, rugs, tablecloths, candles and napkins, tea and coffee, organic perennials, and things for children and babies.

How do you choose your products, do you have a special focus?

Since we are not a chain, we have to choose everything ourselves. There is a lot of gut feeling. It should be something out of the ordinary, unusual and really nice!

When did you get in touch with Charlotte Nicolin and her products?

We found Charlotte Nicolin's nice art and products at Formex in 2016 the trade fair in Stockholm. We went and scouted a few years before and after two years we made the decision to sell her products which we are really happy about!

What do you think about the near future and summer, considering Covid-19?

We hope it will be a good summer, that the effect of the vaccine kicks in and that the majority of people can meet and give hugs again!

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