Charlotte Nicolin

Morning conversation - Match box

55 kr
These matches are resistant to breakage with a great striking and ignition performance even in adverse conditions such as high humidity. Keep out of reach from children.

Size 6,5 x 11 x 2 cm - 2,6 "x 4,3” x 0,8”

Technical information

The Swedish aspen wood is cut into small square wood sticks, soaked in fire retardant ammonium phosphate and left to dry. The striking end of the stick is then soaked in hot paraffin wax, which will provide small amount of fuel to the wood, enabling it to burn more easily.

The matches are transferred to the conveyor belt that is filled with holes in which sticks are inserted, then they are carried to the tanks that contain two mixes of chemicals. One to serve as a base, and one as an ignition layer of the match head. Conveyors then move matches away from the tanks, allowing them to dry.

45 matches are packed in one box decorated with Charlotte Nicolin's artwork.

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