Henrietta The Hare - Matchbox

67 kr

Product description

Our matchboxes with extra long safety matches that can light several candles in one go. The beautiful box will add a little bit of luxury to your home. Charlotte Nicolin's unique animal motifs are nicely displayed on these fine boxes. Perfect for you or to give away as a gift!

Just for fun; you can save the box and use it as a nice interior detail or to keep small objects.

Please notice we don't ship matches outside of the EU

Material & Size

  • 45 long matches in Swedish ash wood
  • Size of the box: 6.5 x 11 x 2 cm

More information

We want to contribute to a healthier environment. Therefore, a large part of our range is produced and manufactured from natural materials. These matchboxes are FSC certified Mix C037294, made in Sweden with wood from sustainable sources.

Customer Reviews

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Guillemette Robert-Marquois

Henrietta The Hare - Matchbox

Quality match boxes

All year long I search for Christmas stocking items. These adorable and well made matches would be a treasure for anyone. However, the whole bit about 'hanging the stockings by the fireplace with care' takes on an added emphasis.

Superfint på påsk bordet!!

Så glad att jag köpte denna tändsticksask, var så fint nu i påsk😍