Visit to one of our retailers - Made in Stockholm

Cecilia Boström is one of the owners of Made in Stockholm in Old Town -  a small shop that specializes in local crafts. Here you can find handmade and mouth-blown glassware, handmade silver jewelry and knives, ceramics, hand-dyed silk and much more.


 How long have you had your store on Västerlånggatan 58?

We were three craftsmen who all had our respective studios and businesses on Fjäderholmarna when we opened the store in 2012. It felt like a natural step to have a store and where we could sell what we created.

How do you choose your products?

We sell handcrafted things and choose what we like. It must be of high quality and created by local craftspeople. I work with glass myself, but we also have jewelry, handmade knives, textiles, ceramics, etc. Everything is made locally, which makes it feel special and unique - and that is something that our customers appreciate.

Where did you get in touch with Charlotte Nicolin and her products?

We saw her stand at Formex, Älvsjömässan, and were immediately delighted. Charlotte's animals are unique and the products are handcrafted, which is perfect for our niche.




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usimubvar June 06, 2021
It’s always nice to read about true craftmanship – stay strong in these times!
Amanda Leon March 22, 2021
Roligt att läsa detta! Det finns så många butiker i gamla stan man ofta inte tänker på, men den här ska jag definitivt besöka.
Linnea Sundin March 22, 2021

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