Strolling - Straight mug

200 kr 245 kr
Product Details
  • Fine bone china
  • Height: 9 cm / 3,54" Ø: 8,2 cm / 3,3"
  • Volume: 385 ml
  • Weight: 202 g

Fine bone china is known for its light weight and the translucent milky white color. From the raw material to the end product the mug is fired twice before the decal application. During this process the decal that carries Charlotte's motif is fused in to the glaze of the piece. Our decals are typically made with 4-9 different colors.

The two-firing process is what makes this porcelain stronger and more chip resistant than common porcelain.

Care Instructions
  • Heat proof
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe