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After having a certain number of customers and followers ask me to write a blog I have finally decided to give it a try.  People ask how I work, what my inspiration is, how I came to produce products with my images etc. Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions.


I have always been fascinated by nature, animals, fish, flowers, all kinds of fruit, seeds and cones, insects, crustaceans, shells, stones, bark etc, the list is long. I spend as much time in nature as I can and something that I find interesting is that so many natural shapes, forms and colors are repeated on animal fur, human skin, on ripples on the sea, flowers, lichen on a cliff, patterns in the sand, in plants etc. The image below illustrates a little what I mean. These are some photos that I took this summer. I use nature’s similarities a lot in my art, always learning new things and make amazing discoveries. In different ways this gets translated into my artwork.


Charlotte Nicolin's inspiration pictures


I currently specialise in animal portraits, mostly wild animals because they need a lot of attention in my opinion. I study animals extensively, in nature, in films, books anywhere I can. I study skeletons, branches of different kinds of trees, eyes-  a lot of eyes in order to give my creations personal expressions. I read about animals to learn how they live, what they eat and what they like. Finally my animals get their own names. I want to show an endearing side of animals, create individuality and unique expressions. It can be any animal from lions to insects to moose.


A few weeks ago I came across this moose, such an impressive animal, huge! I had a chance to observe the movements, slow and majestic. I got really close and I could make some quick sketches, like notes for future reference, my personal little visual library. I always remember better when I have some sketches to refer to.


Picture of a moose in nature


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Åh vad kul att du börjat blogga! Härligt att höra hur du får din inspiration, väntar med spänning på flera blogginlägg :D

Anna August 28, 2019

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