World Animal Day


October 4th is the International WORLD ANIMAL DAY. It is a movement created in order to pay attention to and improve living conditions for animals. This means a lot to me and my team of course. Animal portraits and nature motifs  has been my hallmark since many years. I want to show  and endearing side of animals to inspired everyone to take better care of  both them, nature and the environment. To spread the message further, we offer my designs on a number of interior- and gift items such as trays, mugs, textiles etc to our customers.

I have collaborated with various environmental and animal organisations for a number of years and currently I sponsor WWF every month. The World Wildlife Foundation has ambitious programs of wildlife and nature conservation. I am proud to be able to support the amazing work they do through my own involvement with animals.

We celebrate the WORLD ANIMAL DAY by offering all our customers a 20% discount on all our products on We want more people to be involved in animal wellbeing, a necessity for us humans. Please use the code – WELOVEANIMALS -  for our offer of 20% discount in our web shop.


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